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Staff Incentives

Focus on the Future - Raising Sales in the Independent Retail Sector

The Issue


The client wanted to create an initiative aimed at inspiring sales staff working at independent retailers to choose their product in preference to competitor brands.

What did we do?

A simple paper-based Sell & Claim' programme was developed into a fully featured online incentive scheme, offering retail sales staff membership of the Focus on the Future' (FOTF) programme with the following benefits:The opportunity to earn points for selling client products.

  • Points could be turned into vouchers for participants' interests or hobbies, e.g. fishing, kick boxing, travel, or points for client products.
  • Members were able to acquire premium products at very low point' values. Having retail staff with the same products in their home enhanced the understanding of the product and improved the sales rate.
  • An all year round incentive, with a monthly focus on individual products, plus ad hoc incentives offered three to five times a year helped the client push sales of certain products.
  • Additional rewards included increased points levels, holidays abroad, tickets to sporting events, designer merchandise and even cars.
  • Weekly updates through Facebook, text message, email and direct mail kept the incentive in the forefront of members' minds, creating an overall club' feel.


FOTF has had a positive impact on the independent dealer network in a number of ways:The client's position in the market has risen, with product sales increasing significantly.

  • We ran a sales promotion during a bank holiday weekend on selected cameras with double points being awarded for all sales made over this period. Members were entered into a Free Prize Draw to win vouchers/a weekend break/ tickets to the Silverstone Superbike championship. Sales of featured models increased by 45% compared to an average of 23% for models outside the promotion.
  • The most successful people in this sales team encouraged participation in FOTF, using it as a bargaining tool.
  • Members had the opportunity to voice opinions about the incentive. The last survey showed that 97% of participants thought Focus on the Future' was the best incentive in the market.