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Motivated teams lead to better results all round

Incentive & Marketing

Motivated teams lead to better results all round. At HWA, we will work with you to build a bespoke incentive scheme that brings out the best in your staff. From away days and traditional teambuilding events to more structured employee recognition schemes, direct sales incentives and cash back promotions, we’ll help you recognise and reward your team, boost morale and increase sales.

HWA provides leading blue chip corporations with exciting and engaging incentive programmes with which to motivate and reward staff, increase sales performance, incentivise customers, whilst boosting sales and marketing initiatives.

HWA provides its clients with a raft of innovative and engaging schemes that utilise the latest technology and include: incentive travel, cash back promotions, employee recognition schemes, direct and third party sales incentives, online competitions, lifestyle experiences and gift programmes. Many of the incentive programmes HWA implements are dual focused: creating schemes where the customer has a reason to purchase and the sales person has a reason to sell and formulating incentive programmes that work and deliver ROI within a very short period of time.

Research & Consulting

We've been designing and implementing satisfaction surveys within the public sector, private sector and the healthcare market for over 20 years, conducting market research programmes, client satisfaction surveys, patient surveys and employer surveys for clients across the UK. 

Not only are we the leader, we are also the largest provider of private patient satisfaction surveys in the UK.Areas where we excel include satisfaction, patient and staff surveys for many NHS Trusts, working with local and central government authorities as well as leading charities and housing associations. We conduct staff and customer surveys for blue chip companies such as Toyota, Panasonic, Next and Baxter Storey.

HWA is bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 to strictly adhere to the relevant code of practice, we are members of Market Research Society (MRS), the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) and have achieved accreditation to ISO 9000 Quality Standards.