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Employee Surveys

You Know You Are A Good Employer - But How Do You Prove It?

The Issue

The client had just acquired a major care home competitor, with staff numbers increasing by over 15,000. With no terms of reference, the client needed insight to how the two businesses had integrated in time for their national conference. With limited budget and very little time in which to conduct the survey, HWA needed to be especially creative.

The Solution

  • We implemented an online questionnaire with a password unique to each region of the business. We emailed the link to each member of staff and followed this up with paper questionnaires for those staff members who do not have regular Internet access at work.
  • Managers were tasked with encouraging staff to participate by whatever means appropriate and the survey period was set to just two weeks.
  • Due to high activity levels, sufficient responses were received to allow HWA to produce reports within four weeks of the commencement of the project.
  • The organisation proved to be completely inclusive, with the board able to demonstrate their commitment to the new staff in a very practical way.
  • A number of minor changes were made to working practices which gave the client 'quick wins' and won over hearts and minds.
  • Comparisons were made with other similar organisations with which HWA had experience of working, thus giving a point of reference and helping the organisation to prioritise key areas for improvement.

The Result

  • The 'new' staff were found to be integrating well, with no feeling of 'us' and 'them'.
  • Attitudes were positive and the organisation is now working on long-term objectives, especially in the areas of communication and staff recognition.
  • The company plans to be a market leader within their sector in a given period of time.
  • We plan a repeat exercise later in the year when we can feed back improvements made and correlate the next results with staff turnover, manager engagement and profitability.