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Consumer Promotions

Increasing Sales


The client wanted to incentivise customers to buy more products. In today's 'cash is king' climate, offering customers cash back is the most popular incentive. The 'rule of thumb' redemption rate is that one in three (depending on offer/mechanism) customers will complete the application. A £30 cash back offer will cost the client somewhere in the region of £10 for each product sold.

What did we do?

  • We launched a redemption website giving customers the opportunity to upload supporting documentation online rather than using the postal system, streamlining the process to make it more cost-efficient.
  • The redemption website gave the client the opportunity to obtain marketing information from customers.
  • We were able to report on who had bought what and why, offering ways to supply cash back: cheque, PayPal, bank transfer and Visa cards.


  • The redemption website increased the percentage of customers who did not provide correct information on their first attempt, resulting in a significant number of queries.
  • When re-launching the website 12 months later in 2012, we significantly improved the end-user experience. This directly impacted on query rates, which have been reduced by over 50%.
  • Whilst managing customer redemption schemes, HWA gained a wealth of experience in creating partnerships between clients and their proposed commercial partners. In making these introductions, we saved our clients time in addition to the reduction in per-redemption costs.


There is an associated cost of creating and maintaining a redemption website. We offer good value with this service, but each website has to be costed on an individual basis.